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An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Pack the Supreme Court Now

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The Supreme Court is meant to be an impartial guardian of the Constitution and protector of American rights. But its current structure and lifetime appointments undermine its legitimacy. Immediate action is needed to restore balance and public trust. Implement 18-year term limits for justices now, allowing each president to nominate two justices per term. This crucial, nonpartisan reform will prevent ideological extremes and minority rule. The Court's recent rulings have enabled voter suppression, attacked women's right to choose, and granted absolute Presidential immunity. These actions demand an urgent response. Expanding the Court to 13 justices will counter its partisan tilt and reaffirm its role as a defender of democracy. We must act decisively to uphold the will of the majority and our nation's founding principles of self-governance. Take action now to protect our constitutional order!

▶ Created on July 4 by Frank

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