Resistbot Petition: replace the Trump-aligned heads of CBO and BLS!

An open letter to the President

replace the Trump-aligned heads of CBO and BLS!

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The American Rescue Plan delivered a record-breaking boost to our economy, demonstrating that democratic economic policies that benefit the broadest range of people possible are the most effective. But the American people don’t feel it because BLS Commissioner Beach has issued early jobs reports that have to be revised upward, month after month, after they’ve already received bad press.  Your Build Back Better agenda is designed to build upon the success of the ARP. But during critical Congressional negotiations on the BBBA last year, CBO Director Swagel publicly disputed its revenue projections.  Both of these positions are traditionally non-partisan, but they’re currently occupied by Trump appointees steeped in failed Republican trickle-down economic dogma, and their actions seem suspiciously partisan. We hope you will use recess appointments to replace them both with officials who understand and support the effectiveness of democratic economics. Thanks.

▶ Created on February 23, 2022 by Jessica

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