Resistbot Petition: Condemn Israel's use of Palestinian children as human shields

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Condemn Israel's use of Palestinian children as human shields

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Israeli forces are committing war crimes by using Palestinian children as human shields during military operations in the occupied West Bank, according to a disturbing report from Defense for Children International-Palestine. The report details how Israeli soldiers forced three boys aged 12-14 to walk in front of them while raiding homes in Tulkarem refugee camp, ensuring the children would be attacked first by any armed resistance. Soldiers also beat the boys, fired weapons from their shoulders, and forced them to search buildings alone. This deliberate use of children to shield Israeli troops violates international law prohibiting human shields and constitutes a war crime. A ceasefire is urgently needed to halt these grave violations, and all U.S. military aid to Israel must be suspended until they uphold their legal duty to protect civilians. Restoring funding for UNRWA's humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees is also imperative. Source:

▶ Created on June 10 by Israelisrealterrorist

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