Resistbot Petition: Veto Permitless Carry in South Carolina (H. 3594) (S.C. only)Resistbot Petition: Veto Permitless Carry in South Carolina (H. 3594) (S.C. only)

An open letter to State Governors (S.C. only)

Veto Permitless Carry in South Carolina (H. 3594)

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H. 3594 is a dangerous bill that would allow more guns in cars, on campuses, and on school grounds with no permit, criminal history checks, or safety training, completely diminishing South Carolina's System of responsible gun ownership. This raises the certainty of gun violence in our communities. What good does this type of deregulation do, other than score the Republican Party political points with its extremist pro-gun base voter? Veto the bill, and please encourage the legislature to craft bills that make our communities safer and more prosperous.

▶ Created on February 4 by Lee

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