Resistbot Petition: Support AB 2200 Single-Payer Healthcare (Calif. only)

An open letter to State Legislatures (Calif. only)

Support AB 2200 Single-Payer Healthcare

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I’m reaching out to urge you to co-sponsor and publicly support CalCare, AB 2200 (California Guaranteed Healthcare For All Act), as it makes its way through the Assembly’s Committee on Health. It is unacceptable that we are the only industrialized nation that does not have universal health care. At a time when we are trying to navigate the ‘new normal’ of life with COVID (physically, emotionally and economically) and homelessness is exponentially increasing, California is the world’s fourth largest economy and should lead the nation in guaranteeing health care as a human right for all residents. Research has also shown that universal healthcare will save Californians money, compared to the profit-driven and inefficient private insurance system we have now. I and the majority of Americans (according to a Pew Research study published in 2020) favor a single-payer government program to provide healthcare. Supporting and passing AB 2200 is an important step to realizing this goal. Thank you for your time and attention.

▶ Created on March 27 by Indivisible Westside Los Angeles

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