Resistbot Petition: No Health Insurance Band Aids - Pass Universal Health Insurance

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

No Health Insurance Band Aids - Pass Universal Health Insurance

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I am your constituent and I just learned that Senator Bennet has reintroduced Medicare-X (for extend) to provide health insurance to many who are unable to obtain an ACA policy. It is a band aid that proposes to fix the problem for those people but it is inherently risky since its population pool will likely be high usage customers and so it will be difficult to price effectively, especially with the subsidies proposed. I recommend that you fix the real problem and build a single payer national health insurance trust for everyone. Even the Congressional Budget Office says it will save $400 billion each and every year, in their 2020 analysis. We sent you to Congress to fix problems not put band aids on the wounds. Fix Healthcare insurance and pass a Single Payer Health Insurance Trust for everyone like H.R. 3421. Thank you.

▶ Created on July 9 by Healthcare Advocacy

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