Resistbot Petition: Investigate Clarence Thomas and pass the 21st Century Courts Act!
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Investigate Clarence Thomas and pass the 21st Century Courts Act!

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We know that Ginni Thomas exchanged text messages with Mark Meadows, Trump’s former Chief of Staff, telling the White House not to concede the 2020 election. She sent emails to 29 Arizona Republican lawmakers, pressuring them to overturn the election results should Biden win the presidency. She corresponded with John Eastman, the lawyer who schemed with Trump to pressure Mike Pence to block the certification of Biden’s victory. And she attended the deadly insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th. Despite all of this, her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas failed to recuse himself from Supreme Court cases related to January 6th. On the contrary—he was the only justice to vote against granting the January 6th Select Committee access to key Trump administration documents related to the insurrection. This is a clear conflict of interest and is blatantly unethical. But unlike every other federal judge in the nation, Supreme Court justices aren’t beholden to any structured code of conduct. As a voter and your constituent, I'm urging you to launch a full investigation in Clarence Thomas’s actions and to pass the 21st Century Courts Act (H.R.7426 / S.4010), which would introduce a long overdue code of ethics for the Supreme Court. No one is above the law—even the Supreme Court. It’s time for accountability. Thanks.

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