Resistbot Petition: "Urgent Action Need: Israel Must Allow Unimpeded Aid Access"

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

"Urgent Action Need: Israel Must Allow Unimpeded Aid Access"

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The international Court of Justice's recent ruling highlights the urgent need for Israel to allow unimpeded access of food aid into Gaza, given the escalating famine. The court's order also mandates Israel's military to not shoot unarmed civilians in Gaza. Despite these directives, Israel continues to obstruct aid, potentially constituting a war crime according to United Nations warnings. It is crucial to reconsider financial support to Israel until they comply with these international legal obligations. This action would underscore the commitment to human rights and the rule of law, and could potentially influence Israel to obey international law. One phone call from the President saying "No more military aid until humanitarian aid is no longer blocked" is all it takes. Use this article as a source:

▶ Created on March 28 by Weston

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