Resistbot Petition: President Biden, take Executive Action on gun violence now!
An open letter to the President

President Biden, take Executive Action on gun violence now!

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President Biden, we are trapped in a national health emergency. Our right to life has been subordinated to the gun industry’s right to sell deadly automatic weapons without restraint of any kind while mass shootings accelerate and intensify. I don't believe the Senate will enact an effective bipartisan bill—we all still remember the Manchin-Toomey fiasco from 2013. We need bold action from you.  I urge you to: Declare gun violence a national public health emergency, with the short-term goal of unlocking at least $1 billion in funding under the Stafford Act to be distributed to states upon a governor’s request, to be used for community intervention programming and data collection with a public health lens.  As Vice President Harris called for during her campaign, have the ATF revise the legal definition of federal "gun dealer" to anyone who sells at least five firearms a year for profit, thereby making them subject to federal firearms legislation. Then revoke the licenses of dealers that willfully violate the law, and order federal authorities to pursue them in court. Order the Surgeon General to study and issue a report on gun violence as a health emergency.  Issue an executive order requiring background checks for all gun sales and prohibiting the sale of semi-automatic weapons to anyone under the age of 21. Instruct Attorney General Garland to pursue and prosecute interstate and transnational gun trafficking vigorously and with all possible resources.  This is in your power, and we are BEGGING you to act. Congress is broken. Your Executive power is not. Use it, please. For all of our kids.

▶ First sent on June 1, 2022 by Jess Craven

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