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Support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

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Support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4), a bill that will protect our most fundamental right as citizens and safeguard the integrity of our democracy. H.R. 4 would reaffirm, protect and expand voting rights. Among other things, the bill will: Update the criteria used for identifying states and political subdivisions required to obtain federal review and approval of voting changes to ensure those changes do not infringe upon the freedom to vote for people of color; Require that every state and locality nationwide that is sufficiently diverse obtain federal review before enacting specific types of voting changes that are known to be discriminatory in their use to silence the growing political power of voters of color; Require all states and localities to publicly disclose, 180 days before an election, all voting changes, such as reductions in language assistance and changes in requirements to vote or register; Authorize the Attorney General to send federal observers to any jurisdiction where there is a substantial risk of racial discrimination at the polls; Allow the Department of Justice and voters of color to challenge changes in a voting rule that would make voters of color worse off in terms of their voting rights than the status quo; Expand authority for courts to “bail-in” jurisdictions to the preclearance process and updating the ability of jurisdictions to “bail-out” of the preclearance process once they demonstrate a record of not harming voters of color; and Provide voters with additional protection by easing the standard for when courts can temporarily block certain types of voting changes while the change is under review in court. This is important because once a voter is discriminated against in an election, it cannot be undone. As of last month, nearly 400 bills were introduced in 49 states that would make voting more difficult. At least 18 of those states have enacted 30 new laws that restrict our freedom to vote. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act fills a critical role in protecting the freedom to vote and ensuring elections are safe and accessible by reversing these dangerous, undemocratic trends. Please support H.R. 4 to end voter suppression so that all may participate in the electoral process and have a voice in our democracy.

First sent on September 2 by Susan

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