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I am extremely upset that the Supreme Court just voted via “shadow docket” to end the eviction moratorium. It is becoming more clear with every decision that SCOTUS is now an extremist, reactionary body who is pursuing a political, not judicial agenda. Even worse, they are a threat to democracy itself. As Rep Mondaire Jones said: “Our democracy is hanging by a thread. And the far-right majority on the U.S. Supreme Court is cutting it. From Citizens United to Shelby County to Rucho, the Court has been hostile to democracy itself. If a law suppresses the right to vote, it is constitutional; if a law protects the right to vote, especially for Black and brown voters, it is unconstitutional. The American people have had enough. To restore power to the people, we must expand the Supreme Court.” I agree wholeheartedly, and hope you do, too. I want you to co-sponsor H.R.2584 / S 1141, the Judiciary Act of 2021. If we are ever to have faith in this third branch of government again we must fix the Supreme Court. Thanks.

▶ First sent on August 27, 2021 by Jessica Craven

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