Resistbot Petition: Demand that the USPS Board of Governors fire Louis DeJoy NOW!

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Demand that the USPS Board of Governors fire Louis DeJoy NOW!

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I’m writing as your constituent to ask that you publicly call on the USPS Board of Governors to fire Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. His 10-year plan has been a disaster for rural and tribal communities, and communities of color nationwide who have been long forgotten or under-served by the private carriers. They count on the USPS for timely delivery of things like paychecks, medicines, or laboratory results, but the USPS is failing them. The Postal Service can never be run like a private corporation; it’s a PUBLIC service charged with providing reliable delivery to EVERY community in America - not just the profitable ones. The obvious answer for reforming the USPS is to allow it to generate new revenue by providing a wider suite of services, that could include everything from postal banking and bus & subway passes, to verification for social security and EBT cards, and even wifi access points and electric vehicle charging stations. But that will never happen under the failed leadership of Louis DeJoy. It’s time for him to go. Whether you’ve called for this before or not, now is the time to publicly call for immediate action. There is a growing bipartisan demand that the USPS Board of Governors fire Louis DeJoy now—please join it! I look forward to your response to my letter with your views on this topic.

▶ Created on July 1 by Jess Craven

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