Resistbot Petition: Pass S. 3223, the Access to Birth Control Act, NOW!
An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Pass S. 3223, the Access to Birth Control Act, NOW!

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I’m writing to ask the Senator to commit to supporting S. 3223, the Access to Birth Control Act. It pains me to even have to ask, as this should be settled law and utterly uncontroversial, but with our Supreme Court acting daily more radical we need to codify even the most basic rights. Will the Senator send me written confirmation that they will not only support this bill but co-sponsor it and actively work to get it passed before SCOTUS can strip yet another essential right away from us? I look forward to your written response. Thanks.

First sent on August 5 by Jess Craven · 39 signers in the past 7 days

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