Resistbot Petition: Crucial Appeal to #RenewICHREEResistbot Petition: Crucial Appeal to #RenewICHREE

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Crucial Appeal to #RenewICHREE

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Demand for Extension of ICHREE Mandate for Ensuring True Justice in Ethiopia I write with deep concern about the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia, particularly in Tigray, & the pressing need to extend the International Commission on Human Rights in Ethiopia (ICHREE) mandate for justice & accountability. Reports confirm continued conflict with violations by Eritrean troops & Amhara militias, causing unimaginable suffering, including massacres, torture, & sexual violence. The Ethiopian govt. commitment to transitional justice seems skewed towards reconciliation rather than genuine accountability. Even with Physicians for Human Rights & the Organization for Justice & Accountability in the Horn of Africa (OJAH) documenting ongoing conflict-related sexual violence. We urgently appeal to extend ICHREE mandate, with essential resources for thorough investigations & preservation of evidence. Independent investigations are vital. There are 3 pressing & actionable concerns: 1. The ongoing conflict & human rights violations continue unabated in Tigray, Amhara, Afar, & Oromia. 2. The existing Transitional Justice process exhibits significant flaws, perpetuating impunity & posing the risk of future atrocities. 3. Grave & systematic violations of international law, encompassing mass killings, rape, arbitrary detention, starvation, & the potential for future atrocity crimes, mandate a thorough investigation. The Policy Options for Transitional Justice in Ethiopia (TJPE) lacks victim engagement & takes a uniform approach to all wars. With ongoing conflicts & unfulfilled Pretoria Agreement commitments, genuine transitional justice remains doubtful, given government control. Failure to extend ICHREE mandate conveys a disheartening message to victims: "Your suffering is no longer a priority." EXHIBIT 1: Letter from Representatives Sara Jacobs (CA-51), Ilhan Omar (MN-05), & Brad Sherman (CA-32) urging ICHREE renewal during the current 54th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. ( EXHIBIT 2: Letter endorsed by 110 reputable organizations within Ethiopia & internationally, urgently requesting support for extending ICHREE mandate. ( EXHIBIT 3: Second report from ICHREE, delineating patterns of violence, war crimes, & Crimes Against Humanity in Ethiopia. ( EXHIBIT 4: Letter from the Interim Regional Administration of Tigray (TIRA) regarding its stance on the Transitional Justice process initiated by the Ethiopian govt. ( I implore you to comprehend Ethiopia's gravity & the urgency of this matter. Extending ICHREE mandate is pivotal for justice & accountability. Thank you for your prompt attention.

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