An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress


Hi Staffer, this has been beyond urgent for some time, but it's only become more nightmarish every minute. I beg you to walk out and never look back- the impact of you doing so is the only way accessible to make our government understand that enough is enough. People are dying as I'm writing this to you. The near complete telecommunications blackout has cut off nearly all of Gaza from being able to get help if they're injured, check on their families, and connect with the outside world. Israel's propaganda at this point is paper-thin. Those incubators for Al-Shifa are useless without electricity, and they didn't need them anyway- they need power. They need water. They need food. People are dying of starvation and thirst inside of hospitals all around Gaza. This is beyond a humanitarian crisis- beyond the "collateral damage" of war- they have publicly said so many times they intend to kill them all and right now they are succeeding because our government refuses to stop this. Please, I am begging you- do something, anything. As for your boss, this is my message: I ask you to: - Call for an immediate ceasefire. A "humanitarian pause" is completely insufficient to address the dire needs of Palestinians - Withdraw all U.S. troops in the area sent to assist Israel - Permanently end all monetary and military contributions to Israel- whether that form is financing through my tax dollars, shared intelligence, provision of military weapons and technology, or any other type of assistance that directly or indirectly supports their genocidal and apartheid state - Give all financial contributions allocated to Israel to humanitarian relief in all of occupied Palestine to to help them rebuild, care for the sick & injured, bury the dead with dignity, and ensure all of their basic needs are taken care of and are unable to be restricted by any occupying power now and in the future - Call for and do everything in your power for the immediate end of apartheid, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of Palestine - Continue to speak out against the disturbing rise of antisemitism, but also condemn the same rise of Islamophobia tearing our country apart - Not sponsor, author, or otherwise assist in passing legislation that aims to directly or indirectly target Palestinians - Protect my freedom of speech and actively work against any and all efforts of censorship and governmental control of the Internet - Restore my right to speak freely and be protected against anti-BDS laws, discrimination, targeting, or other forms of harassment for speaking out against a government and political ideology - Do whatever possible to support both Israelis and Palestinians in efforts for real and long-lasting peace, safety, freedom, and equal rights for both groups.

▶ Created on November 17 by Sarah

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