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SB8 Supreme Court Response

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As we all know, Texas recently signed into law one of the most egregious violations of the 4th Amendment and HIPAA. The law also has emboldened violent groups of armed men in Texas to fill roles as bounty hunters of medical providers acting within their scope of practice and duty to their patients. The Supreme Court neglected to fulfill their duty to protect the lives and rights of women under Roe v Wade when a partisan group of judges refused to interfere in the passage of this dangerous law. The damage to be seen is unimaginable. Women are humans, humans have the right to bodily autonomy as evidenced by the 4th Amendment. A woman seeking medical services does not give ANYONE the right to intimidate, harm, or otherwise harrass the woman or her medical provider. Texas GOP members show very little credibility when claiming to be pro-life, knowing this bill endangers living, sentient humans in the name of forced birth. The Supreme Court judges that turned a blind eye to SB8 have caused undue harm and violated the rights of anyone with a uterus. Forcing a 12 year old rape victim to carry a fetus to term is akin to child abuse and potentially murder. Refusing to hold rapists accountable in the name of God is dispicable. Using God to justify harming others is blasphemy. The Supreme Court judges responsible for allowing this bill to continue require impeachment. They have violated the very oath to which they swore. Using religion to create laws is staunchly unconstitutional. These justices have violated the constitutional mandate of separation of church and state.

First sent on September 7 by Celinda

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