Resistbot Petition: No more GOP delay tactics! Confirm Biden's Fed nominees NOW!

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

No more GOP delay tactics! Confirm Biden's Fed nominees NOW!

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I’m writing because I am extremely frustrated with Republicans’ delays on a vote on President Biden’s excellent Federal Reserve nominees. Their tactic—purely political and cynical—is harming real Americans like me. It’s got to stop. I want you—and ALL Senators—to support Sarah Bloom Raskin, Lisa Cook, Philip Jefferson, and Lael Brainard’s nominations to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. Sarah Bloom Raskin is a proven public servant and financial regulator who we can trust to watch out for risks to the financial system, including cyberattacks and climate change. Dr. Lisa Cook advised President Obama after the ‘08 financial crash and Dr. Philip Jefferson is an economist with research expertise in poverty. They both bring tremendous expertise and much-needed diversity to the Board so that it better reflects our country. The Federal Reserve Board will benefit from these nominees’ many decades of experience, including time at the Federal Reserve in various roles, as distinguished professors, and as economic researchers. I know that our financial system will be better off with these nominees on the Federal Reserve Board. Please support all of their nominations and help them get confirmed by the full Senate as soon as possible. No more delays! Americans need a full Fed Board to help address inflation NOW! Thanks.

▶ Created on February 28, 2022 by Jessica

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