Resistbot Petition: Pass the PUMP Act to protect nursing mothers!Resistbot Petition: Pass the PUMP Act to protect nursing mothers!

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Pass the PUMP Act to protect nursing mothers!

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I’m writing to ask you to co-sponsor the bipartisan PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act (S. 1658), a critical bill for working moms who want to continue breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the norm for many mothers (over 84% of newborns were breastfed in 2017). These moms are also breadwinners for their families and more than half of mothers return to work before their children are three months old. Many choose to continue breastfeeding after returning to work and they need to express breast milk on a regular basis. Many mothers are already protected by the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law passed by Congress in 2010 but millions were inexplicably excluded. The PUMP Act would close the gap. No one should be fired or suffer painful illness or infection because their employer won’t support pumping at work. The PUMP Act enables nursing mothers to remain in the workforce, helps babies stay healthy, and provides clarity and support to employers. This bill passed with strong bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and in the Senate HELP Committee. Please let me know if you will support nursing moms by co-sponsoring the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act. Thanks.

▶ Created on February 2, 2022 by Jessica

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