Resistbot Petition: Support S. 2337, the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act.Resistbot Petition: Support S. 2337, the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act.

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Support S. 2337, the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act.

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I’m writing in support of S. 2337, the Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act. Plastic pollution poses a serious challenge to our country and our world. Not only is plastic non-biodegradable, but it is also manufactured with harmful chemicals in a process that exacerbates climate change. Every year, the United States alone disposes of 32 million tons of plastic waste. While recycling has the potential to make a difference, our recycling system currently only processes eight percent of all plastic waste. And much of that plastic waste ultimately ends up in our oceans. The Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act would require the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) to prohibit the discharge of plastic pellets and other pre-production plastic into waterways from facilities and sources that make, use, package, or transport pellets. Where we can reduce plastic use and better recycle our existing plastic supply, we should. I am a strong supporter of plant-based alternatives to traditional plastics. Such solutions would address the plastic pellets, or nurdles, that are used in the production of nearly all plastic goods. Please support this bill. Thanks.

▶ Created on January 17 by Jess Craven

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