Resistbot Petition: SCOTUS has lost all credibility! Pass the Judiciary Act now!
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SCOTUS has lost all credibility! Pass the Judiciary Act now!

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I’m writing once again to remind the lawmaker that the Supreme Court has lost all credibility and needs to be expanded. To quote Dan Rather, who wrote about this over the weekend in his newsletter “Steady:” “Instead of reasoned argumentation we see snap judgements. Instead of deliberation we see grandstanding. Instead of humility we see a cocky disregard for precedent. The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is wavering – some might argue it has already been debased. . . . For what we are witnessing is not the law as much as it is transactional rhetoric without any pretense other than power.” We must, must, must expand the court by four seats in order to rebalance it. It’s been utterly discredited by the extremist judges on it, and our democracy is paying the price. Please co-sponsor and vocally support the Judiciary Act, HR 2584/ S 1141. If you refuse, I’d like an answer in writing as to how you envision this court ever regaining credibility. (Spoiler alert: there isn’t one.) Thank you.

▶ First sent on February 14, 2022 by Jessica

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