Resistbot Petition: POTUS! Seize the 100B of Frozen Russia funds in US Banks & Give them to Ukraine!

An open letter to the President

POTUS! Seize the 100B of Frozen Russia funds in US Banks & Give them to Ukraine!

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I understand that there is nearly $100 billion of frozen Russian government funds currently sitting in American banks. I’m writing to demand that President Biden repurpose this money for the benefit of Ukraine. Because the funds have been frozen, Putin will never be able to access that money. The option of “repurposing” the money is available to Biden under current law without further action by Congress. To quote Laurence Tribe: “It is a scandal for that vast sum to remain frozen rather than immediately melted down into both swords and plowshares to help rescue and rebuild Ukraine, turning Russia’s largely ill-gotten gains against that government’s cruel and barbaric rape of an entire nation… Liquidating [the funds] now would not only be likely the fastest way to increase American aid to Ukraine without further burdening and fatiguing American taxpayers. It would also send a potent signal that the United States is committed to making even the world’s most powerful states pay for their war crimes.” Although the idea may seem radical, the U.S. has used similar measures against Iraq (2003), Iran (2012), and Venezuela (2019). Putin’s brutal war against the Ukrainian people justifies using Russian government assets to rebuild Ukraine and compensate its people for the illegal actions of Russia. This single action may change the course of the war and preserve Ukraine’s status as a sovereign nation. The President needs to do it now. Thanks.

▶ Created on April 21, 2022 by Jess Craven

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