Resistbot Petition: Make Howard Schultz and Jeff Bezos testify before Congress about union busting!
An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Make Howard Schultz and Jeff Bezos testify before Congress about union busting!

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As workers across the country rise up, demanding fair pay with benefits, they’re being met with massive resistance from large, profitable corporations who seek to put the profits of their wealthy shareholders ahead of workers’ rights and wages. In the last few months, there have been at least 63 different allegations made by employees of Starbucks and filed with the National Labor Relations Board which contend the company has engaged in illegal activity against them. Released evidence, documents, videos, and reports prove a company-wide pattern of union-busting that includes outright worker intimidation and threats of retaliation. It’s not just Starbucks. The New York Times investigative report “How Amazon Crushes Unions” from October exposed Amazon’s multi-year anti-union tactics and illegal behavior. Amazon’s record is so bad that the National Labor Relations Board forced a new union election after ruling Amazon illegally interfered in last year’s vote. What has become clear is that neither Starbucks nor Amazon have any plans to stop their tactics for the good of workers. It’s time for Congress to hold corporations breaking the law accountable and demand answers from their CEOs now. I’m calling on you to stand with workers by bringing Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Executive Chairman of Amazon Jeff Bezos before Congress to testify under oath about their illegal union-busting and what they’ll do to stop it. Thanks.

▶ First sent on April 19, 2022 by Jessica

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