Resistbot Petition: Act to expand & protect access to abortion for all — including immigrants.
An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Act to expand & protect access to abortion for all — including immigrants.

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I am writing as your constituent to urge you to take swift action to expand and protect access to abortion for everyone in this country — including immigrants. Since the Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, several states have banned most abortions. On top of new restrictive state laws, immigrant communities face specific and significant barriers to making decisions about their health care. These include being denied health insurance, the risk of Border Patrol checkpoints when traveling to seek care, a lack of access to resources in preferred languages, and more. I am urging you to support three critical bills to protect and expand abortion access: -The HEAL for Immigrant Families Act (H.R. 3149 and S. 1660) to remove xenophobic barriers to health insurance programs so everyone can get the coverage they need and deserve — regardless of immigration status. -The Women’s Health Protection Act (H.R. 8296 and S. 1975) to create a statutory right for doctors to provide, and people to receive abortion care, free from medically unnecessary restrictions that single out abortion care.  -The EACH Act (H.R. 2234 and S. 1021) to end the ban on federal health programs covering abortion care and stop politicians from interfering with someone’s decision to receive abortion care based on how much they earn or how they are insured. These pieces of legislation are critical to restoring and protecting the right of all people in the United States to make the health decisions that they feel are best for them. Keeping abortion safe and legal for everyone must include immigrant and undocumented communities. Thanks.

▶ First sent on November 1, 2022 by Jess Craven

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