Resistbot Petition: Expand the Supreme Court and pass term limits! They’re broken!

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Expand the Supreme Court and pass term limits! They’re broken!

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The current Supreme Court is the most conservative in nearly a century. Rather than being a neutral arbiter of the law, the GOP-packed Court is advancing a far-right agenda and undermining our democracy. The majority of Americans have lost faith in this unethical Court because of their continuous attacks on our fundamental freedoms and willingness to ignore precedent to hand out big wins to partisan extremists. I want you to support legislation already introduced in Congress to rein in this out of control Court, including HR 2584 / S. 1141 the Judiciary Act and H.R.5566 the TERM/BATL Act in the House or S 3096 the Supreme Court Biennial Appointments and Term Limits Act of 2023 in the Senate. The Judiciary Act would restore ideological balance to the Court by adding four more seats to the bench and implementing 18-year term limits for current and future justices would align the Court more closely to the democratic choices of the American people and ensure that every president gets to appoint an equal number of justices. As a voter and your constituent, I am urging you to co-sponsor legislation that would expand the Supreme Court bench and implement term limits. It’s time for Congress to perform its constitutional duty and act as a check on the Supreme Court’s extreme partisanship. Do your job! Thanks.

▶ Created on February 27 by Jess Craven

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