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An open letter to the President

No last-minute concessions to McCarthy!

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I’m writing to urge the President to reject all further Republican ransom demands as McCarthy attempts to whip votes for the “Fiscal Responsibility Act.” I wish President Biden hadn’t negotiated with him in the first place. The GOP are economic terrorists holding our economy hostage for right-wing political goals they cannot win through the democratic legislative process. If they demand yet more concessions in today’s last-minute negotiations, do not give up anything more! Instead, nullify their threat by rejecting the debt ceiling law on grounds of the 14th Amendment, or by circumventing it by minting platinum coins and depositing them in the federal reserve.  You’ve given away much already. Some would argue too much. Do not give them one concession more. Thanks.

▶ Created on May 31, 2023 by Jess Craven

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