Resistbot Petition: We the People: Outvoted!Resistbot Petition: We the People: Outvoted!

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

We the People: Outvoted!

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We the People are seeing our votes outweighed at many significant turns by Corporate Personhood and (frequently Dark) Money as Speech. This has influence across the aisle, but particularly among politicians of Conservative bent. Somehow this Conservatism goes hand in hand with loyalism, corporatism, and a strange theocratic bent that sees no problems with the super-rich and corporations overpowering us in influence through unlimited political donations and lobbying. I say “strange” because I grew up Evangelical Christian and know the Biblical values those denominations claim to value. But manipulation by the powerful of the People through pastors, as well as politicians and pundits, is nothing new. However, it is something that has reached a crisis point in the era of the Radical/Religious Right and Trumpism. We need to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision, put limits on political spending by corporations and the super-rich, and thus put government back in the hands of the People. Oh, and yes, we also need accountability under a societally-responsible interpretation of our Laws, not a politically expedient or corporately-sanctioned one, for much of the corruption and the Clear and Present Dangers we face on the domestic front lately.

▶ Created on March 29 by Calvin

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