Resistbot Petition: Stop Proposed Medicaid Work Requirements Now! (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

Stop Proposed Medicaid Work Requirements Now!

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I want to express my deep concerns and opposition to SJR 76 (Carter) and HJR 124 (Smith), the proposed amendments to require MO HealthNet (Medicaid) participants to participate in work and community engagement requirements to receive coverage. Firstly, expanded Medicaid eligibility has been proven to promote earlier illness detection, reduce deaths, and improve patient outcomes. Consistent access to screening and treatment is critical for positive impacts. Implementing work requirements would create uncertainty and put patients at risk of losing coverage during their treatments. Many patients are unable to work or need employment modifications during treatment and recovery. While exemptions may exist, the complexity and frequency of reporting have led thousands to lose coverage in other states that have passed similar legislation, like Arkansas. Moreover, implementing work requirements is financially burdensome. The administrative costs, including hiring personnel and providing work supports, are exorbitant. This expense poses a significant challenge for states, including Missouri, with chronically underperforming Medicaid programs. Additionally, work requirements disproportionately affect family caregivers, estimated at around 18,000 in Missouri alone. These caregivers, often leaving their jobs to care for loved ones, should not face barriers to accessing healthcare. Furthermore, work requirements introduce unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape, leading to errors and hardships for individuals in poverty or with disabilities. Many hourly workers or those in poverty struggle to obtain the necessary documentation, risking coverage loss. In conclusion, requiring MO HealthNet participants to participate in work and community engagement requirements in order to receive coverage is not only financially burdensome but also creates barriers for vulnerable populations, including cancer patients, caregivers, and individuals in poverty or with disabilities. I urge you to consider the detrimental impact of this amendment and oppose its implementation. Thank you for your attention.

▶ Created on March 15 by MO Residents

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