Resistbot Petition: Vote No on House Bill 5097/Senate Bill 460 (Mich. only)
An open letter to State Legislatures (Mich. only)

Vote No on House Bill 5097/Senate Bill 460

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Critical Race Theory has become the buzzword of the summer. After a year where families and educators worked together to provide the best education they could in the face of the pandemic, some Republican lawmakers nationwide are claiming that students are being indoctrinated by the radical Left. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many parents and students are asking for a more honest and in-depth view of history, being careful not to leave out parts and making more efforts to celebrate the wide variety of individuals who made this country great. In addition, our nation prides itself on local control of school districts. House Bill 5097 and Senate Bill 460 take away the rights of school boards to manage their own curriculum. They take away speech and representation from those who need them the most and put politicians in between teachers, who have been highly educated, and their students Please vote no on these bills.

First sent on June 25, 2021 by Parents for Diversity in Education

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