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Vote Yes on the Freedom to Vote Act

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The Freedom to Vote Act has been introduced in the Senate! Also known as the Manchin Plus bill. This is transformational bill and includes three sections, each intended to protect the right to vote and strengthen our democracy. I. Voter Access and Election Administration This section includes provisions to advance voter access by implementing reliable state best practices for voter registration and election administration to ensure all Americans can easily exercise their freedom to vote regardless of where they live. II. Election Integrity This section includes measures to promote confidence in elections, stop partisan election subversion, and protect against election interference, both foreign and domestic. III. Civic Participation and Empowerment This section includes provisions to prevent partisan manipulation of the redistricting process, establishes uniform disclosure standards for money in politics, and empowers states to make critical investments in their election systems. As your constituent, I DEMAND that you vote YES on the Freedom to Vote Act. Respect our existence or expect our resistance.

First sent on September 14 by Tizzy

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