Resistbot Petition: Americans overwhelmingly oppose a GOP government shutdown.Resistbot Petition: Americans overwhelmingly oppose a GOP government shutdown.

An open letter to the U.S. House of Representatives

Americans overwhelmingly oppose a GOP government shutdown.

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The vast majority of Americans across party lines, including 7 in 10 Republicans, don't want to see a government shut down and know it will hurt us and our economy. Do NOT shut down the government! Also, I want you to reject extremist attempts to make deep cuts to climate, environmental, and public health protection programs. Did you know that a new Economist + YouGov poll finds that Americans are much more likely to say that the U.S. is doing too little on climate change than to say that the country is doing too much? Pay attention! There’s more: Under a dangerous shutdown, the constituents you serve will be at risk. This reckless action would halt most EPA-lead drinking water inspections, inspections of hazardous waste sites and chemical facilities, and EPA oversight and review of permits and plans to ensure safe water and clean air in our communities. Additionally, it would stop efforts to address dangerous contaminants like PFAS—which are linked to severe health effects, including cancer—as well as most activities related to hazardous waste cleanups under the national Superfund program. Past shutdowns have also shuttered National Parks, which gateway communities depend on to thrive. I urge you to do everything you can to avert a shutdown and execute your duty to keep our government funded. Thank you for responding.

▶ Created on September 29 by Jess Craven

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