Resistbot Petition: Tackle inflation with green energy and more!
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Tackle inflation with green energy and more!

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Like most Americans, I’m concerned about inflation. I want President Biden—with Congressional support—to adopt three inflation-control measures.  Green Energy: I oppose the Republican demand for "energy independence" by ramping up oil production, increasing subsidies and tax breaks for Big Oil, and eliminating health, safety, and environmental oversight and regulation. Instead I support using the Defense Production Act to increase production and use of green technologies that reduce fossil fuel demand and fuel costs as called for in the March 23, 2022, letter from Senators Markey, Warren, and others.  Price Controls: The root of inflation lies in corporate greed and price-gouging, not federal social spending or workers being paid too much. The best way to fight inflation in energy costs during this national crisis is to use the DPA to impose price controls on gasoline, natural gas, and heating oil, similar to what Trump did in 2020 to reduce price-gouging by medical equipment companies in the first months of the pandemic.  COVID-19 Funding: As you know, the COVID-19 funding that Americans relied on for the past year to cover the costs of testing, vaccinations, and treatment has run out. Republicans blocked renewing it in the Omnibus appropriations bill. For the families that will now have to pay these bills, it's a new and punishing form of inflation. I call on you to quickly propose and pass an emergency supplemental funding bill that combines additional humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine with restoration of the COVID-19 relief funding. Thanks.

▶ First sent on March 30, 2022 by Jess Craven

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