Resistbot Petition: Outraged over NY HEAT. Pass Climate Change Super Fund Now. (N.Y. only)

An open letter to State Legislatures (N.Y. only)

Outraged over NY HEAT. Pass Climate Change Super Fund Now.

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I am outraged that the NY HEAT Act was not passed in this legislative session. Why do we have a Democratic trifecta in this New York if we do not dare to lead on policies that we know will transition us away from fossil fuels? The NY HEAT Act would have protected ratepayers from bearing the costs (capping utility bills at 6% of income for low- and moderate-income households) and would have limited new natural gas hookups by ending the nonsensical 100-foot rule! The fact the bill passed the State Senate, had the Governor’s support, and was supported by a majority of Democrats in the Assembly flies in the face of reason and smacks of swampy politics. Despite broad support, the Assembly's inaction following the massive scramble over Governor Hochul's delay on congestion pricing revealed yet another massive governmental debacle. It appears the Climate Change Super Fund Act is still alive. At the very least, please harness your not-insignificant Democrat supermajority and pressure the Governor to sign that immediately. It will not make up for the deficit caused by congestion pricing postponement, nor will it assuage our outrage over the demise of NY HEAT, but it is a necessary Climate initiative. New Yorkers will remember this inaction amidst rising energy costs and ongoing climate challenges.

▶ Created on June 9 by Downtown Nasty Women Social Group

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