Resistbot Petition: Ask Canada to do the right thingResistbot Petition: Ask Canada to do the right thing

An open letter to the President

Ask Canada to do the right thing

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I am writing to express my deep concern and compassion for the ongoing genocide affecting the Palestinian population, particularly those in Gaza, who are facing immense challenges due to the conflict in the region. We have a large concern about the limited scope of Canada's recent temporary immigration program for Palestinians fleeing Gaza. While appreciating the initiative, the cap of 1,000 visas seems inadequate given the magnitude of the crisis. We also encourage the United States of America to take more refugees. I urge you to compel Canada to consider raising the cap to 15,000-20,000 applications to better address the urgent humanitarian needs. Additionally, reassessing eligibility requirements, as suggested by immigration lawyer Louay Alghoul, will enhance the program's effectiveness. Canada's history of welcoming refugees reflects our compassionate values. Increasing our commitment during this crisis aligns with our global humanitarian role. I trust you will consider this appeal with utmost sincerity and urgency. Thank you for your time.

▶ Created on February 12 by Unity Movement

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