Resistbot Petition: Revitalize BLM grazing program, protect public lands' health

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Revitalize BLM grazing program, protect public lands' health

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A major overhaul of the Bureau of Land Management's grazing program is imperative to safeguard the health and sustainability of public lands across the West. Alarming data reveals that 56.7 million acres of BLM rangeland fail to meet the agency's own land health standards, primarily due to livestock grazing. This dire situation stems from systemic issues within the BLM's grazing program. The loophole in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act that exempts the BLM from conducting environmental reviews before reissuing grazing permits must be closed. This regulatory bypass has allowed over 1.9 million Animal Unit Months on 1,342 grazing allotments that failed health standards in 2023 alone to be rubber-stamped for reauthorization without any meaningful changes or environmental scrutiny. Such unchecked grazing exacerbates the degradation of public lands and undermines the agency's mandate to protect these vital resources. Furthermore, the BLM's culture of complacency towards illegal grazing and trespassing on public lands must end. Turning a blind eye to violations that degrade the land and deplete native vegetation and water sources is unacceptable. The agency's fear of upsetting ranchers should not supersede its responsibility to enforce laws and regulations safeguarding public lands. Urgent action is required to restore the health of millions of acres of failing rangelands under the BLM's stewardship. Filling vacant staff positions, conducting comprehensive land health assessments, and implementing science-based management practices are crucial steps towards revitalizing these precious public resources for present and future generations.

▶ Created on May 16 by Kerry

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