Resistbot Petition: Pass HR3103  - Don’t Fund GenocideResistbot Petition: Pass HR3103  - Don’t Fund Genocide

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Pass HR3103 - Don’t Fund Genocide

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Hello, I hope this letter can find you in a moment of clarity, as clarity of the mind and soul is needed in times like this. Regardless of your view on the complex history of the occupation of Palestine by Israel, the atrocities Israel is committing are horrifying and will leave a stain on humanity. Leaders of Israel have been documented, on video and on text, about the war crimes they are either going to commit or have already committed. The use of white phosphorus, collective punishment, bombing hospitals, residential buildings, ambulances, and civilians including over 1,000 children, all illegal acts committed by Israel. Despite the horrific violence being perpetrated by Israel, The President wants to use taxpayer dollars to send aid to a state slaughtering civilians. This simply cannot happen. Citizens of this country have been asking for student loan forgiveness, lunches from school children, housing, food, better infrastructure, better public transportation etc. and instead, our dollars are being used to spill the blood of innocent Palestinians. For the sake of those suffering in Gaza and The West Bank, please do not allow the use of taxpayer dollars for Israel. Pass HR3103 and Free Palestine.

▶ Created on October 18 by Camorra

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