Resistbot Petition: Co-Sponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2022Resistbot Petition: Co-Sponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2022

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Co-Sponsor the Medicare for All Act of 2022

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In a healthy democracy, everyone deserves health, wellness, and safety. That’s why I am writing to you as a constituent to request that you become an original cosponsor of the Medicare for All bill, which Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., introduced on May 12. Sixty-nine percent of registered voters in an April 2020 poll support providing Medicare to every American. Instead of rich people profiting from other people’s illnesses, Medicare for All would keep that money in our healthcare system to improve it. It would also lower costs for working people by eliminating corporate profits and reducing administrative costs, which account for 25% of hospital spending. Americans spend more on health care than people in any other country in the world and 31.1 million people in the U.S. are still uninsured. Tens of thousands of uninsured people die each year due to a lack of health insurance. And many people learn that the private insurance they have is inadequate when a true medical emergency arises. Because of this, medical bills contribute to more than 60% of all bankruptcies, and ¾ of that medical debt is for people with insurance. People of every race and income level deserve to get care when they get sick or injured–without being terrified of a medical bill. Will you cosponsor Medicare for All?

▶ Created on May 12, 2022 by Jess Craven

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