Resistbot Petition: "Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"Resistbot Petition: "Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

"Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians"

"We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians." These were the words of Nelson Mandela in 1997, and his words have never been more true than they are today. As of November 12th, upwards of approximately 11,000 Palestinians have lost their lives in this brutal genocide by the IOF, funded and aided by my country's tax dollars and military. The horrors are more extreme than anything I have ever seen or heard of- hospitals under seige with NICU babies dying, the forced death march- the modern day Trail of Tears and 2nd Nakba, and so, so much more. It's beyond comprehension. They can't even properly count the dead because of the nightmare conditions on the ground. Dogs are eating the bodies under the rubble and those left on the streets. I know you know the atrocities better than I do with your level of access to information. How can you let this continue? How dare you let this continue. I am, once again, desperately attempting to appeal to your humanity. This must end now. We all know that our government- the United States- can make this stop immediately. Even Reagan wasn't afraid to call out Israel when they went "too far" in the past during their ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine. How is it that he is the one who had courage and you do not? The United States cannot remain allies with a country that is stealing land, life, and liberty from a group they have been violently occupying for generations. I don't care if it's all happening in another part of the world. Have we not learned from our own dark history? We cannot claim to stand for liberty, justice, and democracy while funding and providing military support to a genocidal apartheid state. I demand you call for an immediate ceasefire- a "humanitarian pause" is completely insufficient-, the withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the area, and all financial, intelligence, and military aid given to Israel to permanently cease. I demand the billions you've taken of my tax dollars to go instead to humanitarian relief for all of occupied Palestine to help them rebuild, care for the sick & injured, bury the dead with dignity, and ensure all of their basic needs are taken care of and are unable to be restricted by the Israeli government now and in the future. We cannot allow Palestine to continue to be occupied and erased. I demand you voice support of and take any and all actions to assist Palestinians in regaining their land, freedom, and right to self-governance. This has never been and is not a call to have the same atrocities done to Israeli people. ALL PEOPLE should be safe from apartheid, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. The situation in occupied Gaza is beyond dire. The actions being taken by the IOF to terrorize the occupied West Bank grow in disturbing, heinous ways every single day. The magnitude of human suffering is impossible to quantify. It has gone beyond comprehension. Every day becomes more unspeakable.

▶ Created on November 13 by Sarah

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