Resistbot Petition: Netanyahu's deception on WMDs jeopardizes peace, demands accountability

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Netanyahu's deception on WMDs jeopardizes peace, demands accountability

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It is deeply concerning to see the prime minister of Israel repeatedly making false claims about weapons of mass destruction to pursue military aggression, as evidenced by his long history of lying about supposed WMDs in Iraq and Iran. This clear pattern of deception to justify wars undermines the credibility of any future allegations and erodes trust in international dialogue. I urge abstaining from joining addresses involving Netanyahu due to his track record of actively spreading misinformation to manufacture pretexts for conflict. Additionally, I support the International Criminal Court's decision to issue arrest warrants for Netanyahu over documented war crimes, as a step towards accountability. Continuing to enable such dangerous falsehoods without consequences only perpetuates cycles of violence and instability. We must remain vigilant against warmongering propaganda and uphold principles of truth and human rights. Source:

▶ Created on June 4 by Israelisrealterrorist

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