Resistbot Petition: Don't ban books in the United States.
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Don't ban books in the United States.

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I am writing you today because I am concerned by recent calls by state legislators and local government-appointed "oversight boards" to dictate what I read and what I choose for my family to read. I believe that reading choices should be left to parents and I understand that libraries carry a wide range of reading materials that reflect the lives and experiences of a multitude of Americans. I also understand, as a responsible parent and citizen, that if I find a book to be inappropriate for my family, I have the opportunity to choose a different book from the millions available through our nation's public and school library systems. I support the rights of other parents to choose books that are appropriate for their families. I do not believe that any level of government should dictate or censor the reading materials available to citizens of the United States.

First sent on December 17, 2021 by #StopBanningBooks

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