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Declare a state of emergency for East Palestine!

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The catastrophe in Ohio is a major, unprecedented public health crisis. The President must publicly recognize it as such and act to protect the people who live in the affected area. This requires a rapid, all-of-government response overseen not by the EPA but by independent scientists and environmental experts who will be immune to pressure from industry. This sort of taskforce must be willing to threaten the suspension or even nationalization of Norfolk Southern if it does not cooperate. The EPA can help, but must not oversee a clean-up. Corporate lobbying in recent years has undermined the ability of the EPA to regulate industry. Under the Trump administration, chemical lobbyists took over important jobs on the inside and the agency is severely understaffed. Further, the EPA is required by Congress to “balance” industry needs with public safety. It is not focused solely on protecting the community. It’s not too late to do this right. President Biden must declare a state of emergency and send in an independent taskforce to oversee cleanup now. Thanks.

▶ First sent on February 21 by Jess Craven

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