Resistbot Petition: Halt arms sales to Israel, stop Gaza offensive against civilians!

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Halt arms sales to Israel, stop Gaza offensive against civilians!

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Halt arms sales to Israel over disproportionate Gaza offensive against civilians As Americans, we strongly urge the administration to uphold international humanitarian law and U.S. statutes by halting arms sales and military aid to Israel until it ceases its disproportionate military campaign in Gaza. Overwhelming evidence indicates Israel's actions, including indiscriminate bombardment causing high civilian casualties, striking aid convoys, and bombing schools and hospitals, violate the Arms Export Control Act, Leahy Laws, and Geneva Conventions. The majority of the American public opposes arming Israel while it wages this offensive. "Over the weekend, Reuters reported that some senior U.S. officials told Secretary of State Antony Blinken in an internal memo that they doubt the credibility of Israel's assurances on the use of U.S. supplied weapons in line with international law. And in February, more than 800 officials in the U.S. and abroad signed an open letter of dissent over their government's support for Israel's war in Gaza." Continuing to supply weapons enables actions that undermine human rights and the democratic values we claim to uphold. The United States must use its leverage to demand an immediate ceasefire and respect for civilian lives. Failure to do so will implicate the United States in violations of international humanitarian law and the Arms Export Control Act, compromising our standing as leaders abiding to the rule of law on the global stage.

▶ Created on May 11 by Americans Against Genocide

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