Resistbot Petition: Aid to PalestiniansResistbot Petition: Aid to Palestinians

An open letter to the President

Aid to Palestinians

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We demand action to address the genocide in Gaza and the West Bank. Your conversation with Prime Minister Netanyahu, emphasize the urgency of the situation. We expect the following- Immediate Humanitarian Aid: Allocate funds for immediate humanitarian assistance, providing medical supplies, food, & shelter to alleviate the suffering of civilians in Gaza & the West Bank. Diplomatic Intervention: Employ all diplomatic channels to get a ceasefire. Encourage dialogue & negotiation to find a peaceful resolution swiftly. Support for UN Relief Efforts: Collaborate urgently with international organizations, especially the United Nations, to ensure effective & efficient delivery of aid to those in need in Gaza & the West Bank. Strengthen relief efforts providing vital services to the affected population. Protection of Civilians: Advocate urgently for the protection of civilians, especially Rafah. YOU make a credible plan to safeguard innocent lives. Refugee Shelter Establishment: In addition to the above actions, we need refugee shelters through hotel conversion, focusing on relocating people from Gaza and the West Bank to Egypt & the U.S.: U.S. Funding for Acquisition & Ownership: Identify & allocate urgent U.S. funds to a reputable humanitarian organization or government entity for the purchase or lease of a hotel. Emphasize relocation efforts for individuals from Gaza & the West Bank affected by the conflict. Legal & Regulatory Compliance: Ensure immediate adherence to Egyptian laws for property ownership. Urgently consult legal experts to navigate challenges & ensure a seamless transition. Collaboration with International Organizations: Initiate swift collaboration with international organizations, especially UNHCR, to secure legal status & comprehensive support for refugees. Prioritize refugees relocating to Egypt & the U.S. Infrastructure & Facilities: Urgently assess hotel facilities to meet refugees' basic needs, including accommodations, sanitation, medical services, & communal spaces. Security & Safety Measures: Implement urgent security measures to ensure refugees' safety. Collaborate urgently with local authorities to establish a secure environment. Humanitarian Assistance: Forge swift partnerships with NGOs & humanitarian agencies for urgent provision of essential services. Focus on refugees from Gaza & the West Bank. Community Integration: Develop urgent comprehensive programs for the swift integration of refugees into local communities. Foster understanding & cooperation. Legal Support: Provide immediate legal support services to refugees. Commit to Palestinian sovereignty. International Support: Ensure necessary resources for the well-being of refugees relocating to Egypt and the U.S. Long-Term Solutions: Urgently work towards long-term solutions, including resettlement programs, repatriation efforts, and Sovereignty for Palestinians.

▶ Created on February 12 by Unity Movement

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