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An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Protect Ukraine Now

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Protect Ukraine Now Today I am urgently asking you to actively support immediate delivery of Polish MIG planes and Air Defense Systems to the Ukrainian military. Following is a critical point, Air Defense Systems must be capable of taking down ANY type of Russian missiles.  The brave Ukrainian army and the country’s heroic gun-carrying citizens are winning the war on the ground. Their problem is that Ukrainian cities are being destroyed and citizens are being murdered from the air.  I am requesting your urgent help in convincing the White House and the United States military that immediate delivery of MIG planes and Air Defense systems to Ukraine should be their highest priority action in support of a free Ukraine. What we are witnessing is a genocide against the Ukrainian people. We have the weapons systems in this country and allied bases in Europe to stop these murderous attacks from the air.  We have a moral obligation to do so. Our words are meant to reinforce President Zelinsky urgent demands for this critical defensive equipment. There no reason to deny it to the Ukrainian people. We can no longer stand back and watch school, hospital, homes, apartment building, every day people of all ages being mass murdered on a daily basis.  The news that mother in labor and her unborn baby died after a hospital was bombed in Mariupol broke my heart.  It is a tragedy that could have been prevented if Ukraine had possession of much needed Air Defense equipment. I give you my word, I am about to become a single issue voter. My support in any upcoming election will be based on your immediate action to address this gap in Ukraine’s defense.  I know, you deal with many requests, but this is an existential need - Ukraine will not survive without your support. Nothing matters more to me at this moment.

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