Resistbot Petition: DEMOCRATIC SENATORS: Don't Give in to GOP Budget hostage-taking!
An open letter to the U.S. Senate

DEMOCRATIC SENATORS: Don't Give in to GOP Budget hostage-taking!

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Republican obstruction of the appropriation process is a form of economic terrorism and blackmail designed to ram through their extreme right-wing agenda regardless of what voters want.  History teaches us that giving in to terrorists and paying off blackmailers inevitably leads to more terrorism and more blackmail. Do not surrender. Do not give in to them. No Republican “poison pills” in any Continuing Resolution (CR), such as the Hyde Amendment, defense-domestic spending parity limits, or any kind of prohibition against public health emergency measures such as vaccine mandates. Do not allow Republicans to separate out and pass the three appropriation bills they love — Defense, Homeland Security, and Agriculture subsidies — without passing the other nine. Reduce total defense spending and redirect those funds to defending us from the real and immediate climate emergency threats that we are facing and suffering from right now Thanks very much for staying strong so we can pass the priority provisions we need to pass.

▶ First sent on February 16, 2022 by Jessica

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