Resistbot Petition: Address Racial Inequity in MO Maternal Mortality (Mo. only)

An open letter to State Governors & Legislatures (Mo. only)

Address Racial Inequity in MO Maternal Mortality

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I urge you to strongly endorse SB888 (Washington) and SB1357 (Thompson Rehder), a vital initiative aimed at fortifying the "Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review Board" within the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. This legislation is a beacon of hope in addressing the disproportionately high maternal mortality rates, particularly affecting Missouri's Black mothers. These bills mandate significant changes to ensure diversity and representation within the board, demanding at least one member from each congressional district and promoting demographic inclusivity. The legislation's emphasis on considering the timing and level of prenatal and postnatal care, along with studying approaches from other states to eliminate racial disparities, is commendable. Crucially, the bills tackle the alarming racial inequities in maternal deaths by requiring data disaggregation. This precise approach, examining factors such as race, ethnicity, and zip code, is essential in crafting targeted interventions to address the unique challenges faced by different communities. By supporting these bills, we can take a substantial step toward rectifying the systemic issues contributing to the disproportionately high maternal mortality rates of Black mothers in Missouri. I implore you to lend your support to this legislation, recognizing its potential to bring about positive, life-saving change for mothers and families in our state.

▶ Created on January 27 by MO Residents

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