Resistbot Petition: Repeal Outdated Comstock Act Restrictions on Abortion Information

An open letter to the President & U.S. Congress

Repeal Outdated Comstock Act Restrictions on Abortion Information

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The Comstock Act, a 19th-century federal statute, continues to have remnants in our legal system, criminalizing the distribution of information related to abortion. This law, rooted in a time of severe censorship and control, is incompatible with our modern understanding of individual rights and freedoms. It is crucial to address this outdated legislation and ensure that access to vital health information is not hindered. Therefore, it is requested that efforts be made to repeal the remaining elements of federal obscenity law rooted in the Comstock Act. This action would not only align with the progressive values of our society but also prevent the potential misuse of such laws to further political agendas.

▶ Created on February 26 by Alexandra

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