Resistbot Petition: Do NOT cut IRS customer service or free Direct File funding!!

An open letter to the U.S. Congress

Do NOT cut IRS customer service or free Direct File funding!!

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I’m writing to urge Congress to reject provisions in the House FY 2025 FSGG appropriations bill that would slash the IRS’s regular annual funding, reducing it to levels not seen since the early 2000s, as well as a policy rider that would prevent the IRS from implementing its Direct File program. Additionally, I urge you to reject additional rescission of the funding provided to the IRS by the Inflation Reduction Act. House majority appropriators’ claims that their proposal would protect taxpayer services are highly misleading.  In fact, their proposal cuts $350 million from operations support which funds core services such as rent, security, and overhead that are critical to the agency’s ability to implement technological advancements and taxpayer services.  It would cut $2 billion from enforcement, a move that would increase the deficit and reduce revenues multiple times over.  The House proposal would also prevent the IRS from moving forward with full implementation of the highly successful Direct File program, which was rated “excellent” or “above average” by a total of 90 percent of users surveyed by the IRS. This past tax season with a limited launch, over 140,000 taxpayers used the tool across 12 pilot states, saving taxpayers more than $90 million in refunds and an estimated $5.6 million in tax preparation fees on their federal returns alone. At full capacity in a few years, Direct File could save taxpayers $11 billion a year between filing fees and time costs, while also helping taxpayers access $12 billion in tax credits for families that qualify but are currently missing out. As the appropriations process continues Congress should reject the proposed cuts to the IRS funding and any potential amendments that would further cut agency funding, and work to find ways to increase funding for the IRS. Congress should also oppose any policy rider that blocks the successful and popular Direct File program.  Doing so would allow the IRS to continue improving customer service and ensure that the IRS is able to fulfill its mission and serve the American people. Thanks.

▶ Created on June 12 by Jess Craven

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