Resistbot Petition: POTUS, appoint new Acting IGs for DoD and DHS now!
An open letter to the President

POTUS, appoint new Acting IGs for DoD and DHS now!

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Most Americans will go a lifetime without knowing the names of Inspector Generals. Unfortunately, we’ve had a political tragedy of a lifetime – a violent coup attempt to steal a presidency. Through the January 6th Special Committee investigation, we now know names of Trump appointees at DoD, DHS, and the Secret Service who helped in the cover-up of the coup plotting. Shamefully, these officials included DHS IG Cuffari and DoD Acting IG O’Donnell, both of whom had a sworn duty to prevent fraud and abuse, and to serve the American public in a non-partisan manner. That these men broke their oath to us is bad enough, that they are possibly the subject of future federal indictments for violations of the Federal Records Act dictates that they be removed from their office now. Please immediately appoint new Acting IGs for DoD and DHS, while working with the Senate to confirm permanent appointees with professional integrity and no political agenda. Thanks.

▶ First sent on August 15, 2022 by Jess Craven

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