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Break up Facebook NOW!

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I am deeply concerned about the recent Facebook revelations; the company is a well-documented threat not just to our democracy, but to democracies around the world. It is also a threat to public health and to American unity, which is already almost nonexistent. We need to break up Facebook, and we need to do it immediately. I know the Federal Trade Commission has already sued Facebook for violating anti-trust laws. Their hand can be strengthened by Congressional action. I’m glad that Senator Amy Klobuchar is looking at tough anti-trust legislation in the Senate, and I want you to support it. Also, I know there is a package of bills in the House that would ban companies from self-dealing and rigging the marketplaces they operate, prevent companies from buying up potential competitors, force companies to sell off lines of business that create conflicts of interest, empower users to take their data, leave dominant platforms, and interact through competing platforms, and fortify the underfunded agencies that defend consumers from Big Tech’s abuse. I support all of this and want you to as well. Finally, the SEC should undertake an investigation to see whether Facebook misled investors. If found guilty, the agency should impose fines, restrictions on how the company operates, and seek Zuckerberg’s removal. Inaction isn’t an option. The dangers Facebook poses are too great. Do something, now. Thanks.

▶ Created on October 28, 2021 by Jessica

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