Resistbot Petition: Cosponsor and Support the State Based Universal Health Care Act

An open letter to the U.S. Senate

Cosponsor and Support the State Based Universal Health Care Act

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I am your constituent. Please cosponsor Senator Markey’s State-Based Universal Health Care Act, the companion bill to Rep. Ro Khanna’s bill HR 6270. These bills moves us toward universal health care: Mandates that participating states guarantee healthcare coverage for at least 95% of residents in the first 5 years, thus reducing the uninsured and underinsured populations to less than 5% (currently 30% in most states). Requires any state-based plan to have benefits equal to or greater than those received by beneficiaries of federal healthcare programs. Allows states to cooperate on multi-state plans. Section 1332 of the ACA does not. Enables states to integrate Medicare funds into a state plan. Section 1332 does not. This is critically important for equity. Thank you!!

▶ Created on July 11 by Healthcare Advocacy

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